With the Hacienda Pinilla auction coming up Nov. 15th, and the imminent arrival of what promises to be a landmark tourist season in Costa Rica in general, and Avellanas specifically, the iron is now officially hot.

Simply put, we feel quite strongly that hospitality is the key play across all Mango Village locations over the next few years, and will serve as an amazing way to introduce visitors to the concept and ease of entry of living and/or investing in Costa Rica.

Mango Village will have it’s start on one or both of our prime commercial real estate  pieces

  • Commercial buildings to include a pulperia, small bar and/or cafe, bike rentals, etc.
  • In addition to our own parkland on the property, these scenic locations are surrounded with “green space”: spaces set aside in cooperation with the municipality as protected public areas – they can be improved with various ideas which would benefit the community, such as soccer field, skate park, walking paths, etc
  • Installation of tent cabins, teak cabinas, yurts, etc, will progress steadily over time, and is a clear revenue opportunity throughout the year, with nearly 100% occupancy during high season.
Mango Groove Surf Club is the food and beverage arm of Mango Village, featuring:
  • Restaurant / Bar
  • Sales Office, with full complement of Audio-Visual gear for presentation and deal closing
  • A small surf shop will sell essential gear such as sunscreen, leashes, and the ubiquitous Dr. Zog’s Sex Wax.
  • Tent Cabins to follow as soon as possible.
Mango Surf Shack is located at the fork of the estuary which spills into the Pacific right at the world-famous “Little Hawaii” surf break.  Located at the end of a tunnel through the Mangroves (which floods completely in high tide), this location is a prime non-commercial spot: while we cannot open a commercial bar or shop, we will host brilliant parties for friends, guests and potential clients, and can erect non-permanent tent structures for some amazingly memorable moments.  There is a quaint beach shack for stocking various items, and escaping the mosquitoes when necessary.

Cabinas Examples

These are pre-fab teak cabinas and gazebos available at amazing low prices directly from our manufacturing partner. [nggallery id=8]

Site Plans